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All Round Sites: Downloads, Multimedia, Info:

The Who Vortex - Maintained by me.

The TARDIS Databanks – Worth Godwin

The ORIGINAL Ninth Doctor’s Home Page – The Ninth Doctor

The Wolves of Fenric – Roger Clark

The Renegade TimeLord - Richard Rogers

Into The TARDIS - Jim Blackwell

Gallifrey 5 - Nigel

The Domain of Sil - Lee Rose

Lee's Doctor Who page - Lee Rose

Video Sites:

Doctor Who QuickTime clips - ?

Jeff's Multimedia Vault - Jeffery Temple

The TARDIS scanner - Mark Phippen   

WHO Media - Chris

Audio Sites:

The Doctor Who MP3 Sound Matrix - Mark Phippen

The Doctor Who Crossover Adventures – Aron Toman

Missing Episodes/Reconstructions:

The Lost Tombs of Telos - Lee Rose

Doctor Who Restoration Team - Lots of People

Yahoo Clubs:

The Doctor Who Club - Maintained by me

Doctor Who - ?

Friends of the Time Lord - ?

Clubs /Societies

Brighton Area Doctor Who Appreciation Society - ?

Mainly Downloads:

The Doctor Who Screensaver - Robert Bennett

Mondas - Justyn Butler

Web Rings:

The Who Ring - Maintained by me


The Red Planet Award - Only for Multimedia sites - Maintained by me.

The Golden Tardis Award - David Innes


10th Planet Ltd. - Paul Taylor

Info: They are a sci-fi store based in Barking Essex. They have a Lot of deleted Doctor Who videos and books, also many signings: Including Mary Tamm, Lalla Ward, Micheal Craze and more. They don’t just stock Doctor Who things, they stock: Star Wars, Babylon 5, Star trek, Star gate, Xena and much more. Click here to E-Mail them.

This Planet Earth Ltd.

Info: They are lisened by BBC to manufacture Daleks, TARDISes, and K9. Click here to E-Mail them.


The Red Planet - Simon Painter - Telesnaps of episoides

Fantasy Who - Andrew Green

Video Trading Sites:

AJRimmer's Britcoms, Doctor Who, and Blake's 7 site - Joel Kathrens

Lee's Video trading page - Lee Rose

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